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Millennia SC

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Integrated high quality stratigraphic interpretation

About Us

Millennia SC Ltd. is a geoscience consultancy company based in the United Kingdom providing high quality multidisciplinary stratigraphic interpretation services to the global energy, mineral exploration and development industry worldwide.

We offer a broad range of stratigraphic consultancy services through in-house staff and a range of expert consultants, all of whom have considerable years of experience working in all areas of the world and throughout the geological column. All our personnel have a wealth of experience of generating and integrating stratigraphic data with client geological and drilling teams, in-house, at client offices and at wellsite.

Principal services provided are:

  • Routine post well biostratigraphy (micropalaeontology, palynology, nannofossils), plus additional specialised services that may be appropriate for specific projects such as isotope analysis and macrofossil identification.
  • Wellsite biostratigraphy.
  • Geological fieldwork.
  • Data review and management.
  • Stratigraphic support in house to clients.

Our goal is to provide high quality, integrated data, delivered on time and within budget that is precisely focussed on delivering the stratigraphic interpretation required to meet our client’s technical goals. 

This is based on the development of a close working relationship with our clients through discussion and implementation of key steps in project management:
  • Project design – we will provide our clients with recommendations on the most cost effective analytical programmes, taking into account any existing data, sample availability, sampling density, our knowledge of what will work in a particular stratigraphic level and geographic area. In addition we can provide advice on the use of any non-biostratigraphic dating methods where appropriate.
  • Analytical phase – through regular informal and formal updates we will continually advise our clients of progress and make recommendations for any adjustments to the analytical programme as work progresses.
  • Data reporting – the initial dataset will be presented to client for discussion, iteration and integration. Any infill analysis can be considered at this stage.
  • Reporting – a full, detailed report is provided for the clients review. This will also include a review of technical achievements, lessons learned and recommendations for future work.
  • Integration – we will also provide advice on data integration through upload to client in-house databases to maximise the value of the data generated and its’ continual application.
Through this collaborative approach we are able to deliver the highest quality, integrated data solutions for our clients.
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